 Staff are good role models and children are happy and settled in the nursery. Children build good relationships with others and form trusting relationships with staff.


 Partnerships with parents are good. The manager and staff keep parents well informed and provide a wide range of opportunities to involve them in their children's learning. Staff use information from parents well to help them plan future activities.


 Children behave well. Staff use lots of positive encouragement and praise children to promote children's confidence and self-esteem. They offer gentle reminders about good manners and talk to children about the feelings of others.


 The quality of teaching is good. Staff support children's interests effectively and, overall, use quality interactions to progress their learning and development.


 The manager and staff monitor children's progress effectively. They use this information to identify gaps in children's development, and implement plans to support them. All children, including those with special educational needs, make good progress. 


  All staff have a good understanding of how to keep children safe and the procedure to follow should they have any concerns about a child's welfare. Safeguarding is effective.


 There are a wide variety of activities and resources to promote children's learning. Children actively explore the environment, make their own play choices and happily engage in all activities. They enjoy being creative and explore using tools and different materials.


 Staff provide a wide range of activities to support children's physical skills. For example, children enjoy plenty of exercise during ballet sessions, yoga, music and movement. Children learn to be independent.


All children make good progress. They are confident, motivated and enjoy their learning. Children have an interest in early literacy.  Children are prepared well for the next steps in their learning.