About our food



At Hanwell Montessori Nursery and Pre-School we recognise that the food our children eat affects every aspect of their lives: their mood, behaviour, growth, even their ability to concentrate.

Good nutrition is vital to a child’s health from building strong bones and teeth to the healthy development of internal organs and general growth. Our carefully put together menu’s offer the children a well balanced diet on a daily basis. All our food is prepared at the nursery by a qualified chef.

We take care of each child's individual dietary requirement whether it is for cultural, religious or it is a dietary intolerance.

We feel that is important to teach the children the importance of eating healthily. The children learn about healthy choices and eat healthily while at school we will ensure meals; snacks and drinks provided by us are varied, nutritious, and well balanced

Hanwell Montessori is a beef, nut and pork free school, we also provide Halal meat and vegetarian/vegan options. The children are served water or milk only we also do not add any salt or sugar to our food.

During your time at Hanwell Montessori please feel free to discuss any dietary requirements with us.